Free-time jobs for the young guns!

Platform for the smart and talented students and youngsters to get well paid free-time jobs and gigs from the
needy people around. You can paid for running errands, helping someone or giving personal assistance. Write a
song, play the guitar, draw something, do the choreography. The possibilities are endless. Read more..

The Fast - Do Tasks for needy and paid as per the task.
- Students who are willing to do physical tasks for people like deliveries, pickup and drop and other errand boy things.
- Grocery, vegetables, Food, Medicines, drinks and cigarettes delivery
- Courier, goods,items and other stuff pickup and drop service

The Smart - Use your smartness, paid per hour and make your own career.
- Students who have experiences in different things and help people can apply.
- Personal assistant, shopper, trainer, teacher, reader, writer, helper, Mentor, guide, traveler and etc..
- Per hour jobs like baby sitting, pet walking, hosting, promoting, volunteering and etc..

The Super - Show your talent and entertain people
- Students who have proven and entertaining and problem solving talents can apply.
- Singer, Dancer, Artist, Actor, Musician (instruments), Cook, cake maker, Bartender, Stand-up comedian, Painter, Song or Poem writer, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Garden or landscape artist, Events or Party planner and etc...

Eligible Criteria
a. Students and youngsters above 18 years with a two-wheeler (valid licence) or minimum a bicycle
b. Have minimum knowledge of addresses, areas & streets
c. Should know all the food joints, local info and late night joints
d. Should have good communication skills and negotiation skills

How it Works

Why tingting

Fulfil your passion & live your dreams

Work Everywhere

You will get tasks from people around you wherever you are, its all depends on the location your logged in.

Freedom Of Time

There is no specific timings for your work, login any time and logout anytime. Work when you wish.

Be Independent

Well paid freetime jobs for your time, skill and talents. Work for 4 hours a day you can earn minimum 15k per month, you no need to depend on anyone.

Create Your Own Career

Apply your skills to solve people problems and give skillful assistance. Start creating new career on your own.


Get well paid gigs for your talent, entertain or give an amazing experience to people and get famous.

Get Experience

Give free help to needy sometimes and work with NGOs through our platform to solve social issues. Get experience certificate for your further education and future.

About Us

We Are tingting

We are a team of talented and passionate people working towards a change in people’s mindset through our platform by connecting right people to exchange help. Our Mission is to make all the human help each other. Our Vision is to create one billion free-time jobs across the world. Our platform is launching soon and to start full operations in Hyderabad we are looking for below number of students to join with us.

Total Students
The Fast
The Smart
The Talented

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